Frozen – Burst Water Pipe Repair

Tiny cracks can release hundreds of gallons of water per day!


In extreme cold, your home is at higher risk for frozen or burst pipes. Even a tiny crack can release hundreds of gallons of water per day. Freezing water within those pipes can create serious pressure, and before you know it you could be dealing with a serious leak on your hands. This could wreak havoc on your home, and could cost you thousands of dollars in repairs.

Our experienced plumbers at Intercounty Plumbing are here to help you! Our specialists are available for these emergencies to help repair your pipes, and eliminate any damage a frozen or burst water pipe could have on you and your home in the future. Whether it’s a contained spot repair, or an underground or hidden pipe, we’ll be able to determine the necessary steps to get your home back up and running.

To prevent future burst from freezing pipes we use pipe insulation when it’s required.

We put a lot of time in educating our clients how to prevent future plumbing problems that might occur with the weather.

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  • We are committed to provide quality work at a reasonable price.

  • Our technicians are licensed plumbers.

  • We are dedicated in our work.

  • You can count on us to be thorough, honest, and courteous.

  • We have built a reputation of taking on the problems many plumbers turn down.

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