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Simply put, shit happens but we are here to help you no matter what.

Is your toilet causing problems? Don’t stress, just call us for the toilet repair and installation: Intercounty Plumbing. Call (630) 629-4444 now. Toilet clogs happen for too many reasons, flushing too much toilet paper or non water soluble items are a big reason we come to fix your clogs. Other reasons can include having an irresponsible person or a child playing around the toilet flushing large items such as toys.

We have all the tools and the right expertise to unclog, repair or install, toilets sink and faucets. We inspect the seals making sure not water or smell can come after the toilet was flushed, no leaks at the sink. He also can provide the right parts for repairing the toilets, sink and faucets in case they are not working properly.

Older toilets with lower flush capacities will often need to be flushed more than once to get the job done. They are also more likely to clog. If your toilet clogs more than once per week, it’s time for a new one.

If your toilet is in constant need of repair, it may be more economic for you to replace the entire unit.

A cracked toilet is a potentially leaking toilet. If the porcelain on your toilet is cracked, it will definitely need to be replaced.

Modern toilets are more efficient with less water, if the environment is on your mind, a modern toilet will do a better job and be better with water consumption.

Install new or repair old faucets, we can source the most uncommon faucet parts and repair your faucet also.

Install or repair sinks based on your preference.

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  • We are committed to provide quality work at a reasonable price.

  • Our technicians are licensed plumbers.

  • We are dedicated in our work.

  • You can count on us to be thorough, honest, and courteous.

  • We have built a reputation of taking on the problems many plumbers turn down.

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