Smoke Test for Leaks Detection

Smoke testing is a great way to find leaks in the plumbing system. If your house got of an awful odor and you can’t find the leak, call us. We know how frustrating might be and we come up with many solutions to find the leak, isolate the problem and fix it at an affordable cost.

If the odor is getting into your home, so will the smoke from our equipment.

How it works

We plug all the vents, we are using  a smoke machine  and pump the smoke down a vent. When the smoke will start coming out from the rooms and leaking pipes that had a “bad smell” we will see it and smell it.

Smoke testing is a simple and quick way to avoid having to open walls in search of the sources of toxic sewer gases/odors, insects, rodents, or water damage. Guesswork is eliminated since a visible element is added to the odor source.

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Benefits of  Smoke Testing

Having the smoke test performed may save you from undertaking unnecessary repairs in an attempt to address the issues listed above. Sewer odors do not always indicate a major deficiency in the sewer pipes.

The smoke test results may point to a solution as simple as fixing  a pipe crack, wax ring on a toilet sometimes a p-trap under a sink.


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We had a bad smell for the last month and we couldn’t find the leak, we called Intercounty and Silviu helped us to identify the leak and fix the problem

Susan J.

These guys are amazing! We have used their services twice and each time, they literally saved us thousands of dollars. The first time we had a leak in our walls, the second under the bathroom floor. In both instances, they pinpointed the exact place where the pipe was leaking, thereby saving us from paying someone to dig around cut the drywalls and destroy our floors.

James K.

Silviu saved my day. He was personable, professional and had my problem fixed within about 2 hours. I hope you will continue to run a class operation with professional and affordable prices.

Michael C.